The Adoption Centre

Welcome to Riverside's Online Adoption Centre.

For a minimum monthly recurring donation of just $5, you can be the sponsor of any of Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre's Vervet/Baboon/Samango/Bushbaby animals.

We will update this Page to include our Babies/Juveniles/Adults that would sincerely appreciate being adopted by current and ex-volunteers, as well as the general public.

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of a TB test and microchip, which are required for each incoming Riverside resident. It will also be used for the general betterment of the animals circumstances; the money we receive from the Adoption Centre is used to purchase medicines, food, micro chips etc for the animals.

We will issue you with an "Adoption Certificate", that has photos of your newly adopted baby included on it - print it out and put it on your wall (or pick it up from Riverside directly when you come to visit and volunteer!)

Something else which many ex-volunteers have done in the past is adopt an animal for a special person in their life.

Giving the gift of a Riverside Adoption is something different and shows pure benevolence, and we are sure that you have someone in your family or amongst your friends that would love to receive an "Adoption" as a gift.

Included in our $5 monthly Adoptions are photos and videos of the animal that has been adopted, showing updates on how they are going and progressing at the Centre.

You can expect to receive these updates at least once a month, but we will try to update more frequently than this.

You can even experience the unique opportunity to come to the release of your favourite animal with its troop (for Primates) and have a 3 day stay, free of charge, at the release site. Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity! Contact us for more details about this once in a lifetime experience.

Please note: Riverside's primate adoption programme entails a sponsorship only, and in no way allows a member of the public to take home one of our rehabilitation animals to hand-rear, or keep as a pet. Riverside in no way takes part in the illegal exotic animal trade, nor does it support wild animals being kept as house pets.

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Animals for Adoption

Generic Baby Adoption

Want to adopt an animal that is not listed here? Simply choose the"Generic Baby Adoption" and include the animals name which you wish to Adopt in the Checkout Page, or click this image: